Face Plates for PS5 Console + RGB LED Light Strip + Dust Cover Net , Playstation 5 Kit with Transparent Shockproof ABS Shell, Pets Hair Anti-dust Cover, 8 Colors RGB LED Light Ring. (Disc Version Clear Blue)

$1,689.94 (Gastos de envío incluidos)

Ficha técnica

The ps5 shell cover(Transparent blue)is made of hard ABS material, which is durable and can effectively resist daily wear and scratches; The PlayStation 5 light is made using an aluminum metal ring and 15 high-end 5050 RGB LED chips. PS5 console faceplates + RGB LED + Dust cover net kit, really perfect high-quality kit for PS5 console! Dust cover net for PS5 console make for Environment-friendly material, soft and wear-resistant, traceless sticker, will not cause wear to the host, and PS5 LED light ring kit has 8 colors and more than 400 light effects for you to choose from, Transparent blue ps5 shell cover Provide a new visual experience! PS5 Dust cover Suitable for families playing ps5 games in the environment with more pet hair or dust, If it is dirty, it can be washed and reused, You can enjoy the game environment better and spend a happy game time. No matter what kind of game, there is always an RGB LED mode suit for you. Dust Cover Net and RGB LED ring kit compatible with PlayStation 5 Optical Drive Version/Digital Version, PS5 faceplates is only available for the PS5 console disc version! Easy to Assemble, ① Lift under the rear corner of the protective cover where the PS5 logo is located, and release the circular buckle. ② Push the cover down toward the bottom of the console, and the cover will slide off. ③ Paste the configured self-adhesive on the back of the led light ring and then fix it on the ps5 console. ④ Align the Transparent blue ps5 shell cover cover with the hole on the main unit, push it up to the top of the console, and then the buckle can complete the fixing., Plataformas: PlayStation 5
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