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Seagate Disco Duro Interno Ironwolf, 4TB, SATA3, 5900RPM, 24 x 7 Hot-Plug para NAS 1-8 Bahías, 3.5

MX$3,049.00 (Precio con envío:)

Ficha técnica

Designed for everything NAS,IronWolfoffers tough, ready, and scalable 247 performance and can handle multi-drive environments Fastest hard drive, delivers up to 7200RPM spin speed along with sustained data rates up to 210MB/s and burst data rates of 6Gb/s 3-year product warranty and 180TB/year workload limit Compatible with 1- to 8-bay network attached storage (NAS) servers, home, SOHO, and small business NAS Actively protect your NAS withIronWolfHealth Management focusing on prevention, intervention, and recovery
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