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Gunnar Optiks Gunnar Blue Light Gaming Glasses for Kids (Age 8-12), Rush, Onyx, Amber

MX$706.16 (Precio con envío:)

Ficha técnica

Recommended by doctors, our blue light blocking gaming and computer Glasses (Patented Lens #9417460) protect your vision, reducing eye strain and headaches while you are viewing digital screens on computers, phones, TVS, and tablets. With a durable round nylon frame, SMUDGE Resistant lens and elements of gunnar's Patented Lens Technology, which blocks blue light, reduces glare and helps prevent dry eyes, your kid's eyes are protected when using digital devices at school or home. The preferred gaming glasses for boys and girls, GUNNAR is designed to protects against symptoms stemming from prolonged screen-staring including migraines, headaches, dry eyes, blurry vision, blue light exposure, cataracts and macular degeneration. Specs (in mm) - lens Width: 49, Temple: 133, weight: 16Gm. Gunnar produces ergonomically designed gaming and computer Glasses with a lightweight frame to give you a full day of comfortable screen viewing. Included: GUNNAR youth glasses case with zipper and Safety Clip, cleaning cloth and one-year warranty., Plataformas: Not Machine Specific
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